2020 f/w MANOMOS campaign

'We are all players of MANOMOS.'

We are all players of MANOMOS.

All the products of MANOMOS are born out of our little labors.

We are all professionals in our respective roles.

For the best product, we are doing our best in our respective roles.

With a sense of duty as a player for a team,

To satisfy one customer, one customer, we dream and run.










product : BUTTON C2



product : To be lunched in 2021






product : MERCURY C7







product : BUTTON C2









product : To be lunched in 2021










product : GREEN C1



product : RUSH C1










product : BABY C4





product : PIANO C3






product : EARTH C5






product : RUSH C3





product : BOB C5





product : criktes c7 & runa c2

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